"Hello Mr. Edlund, with lots of thanks ... was already able to get rid of a few "monkeys" today ☺“.

Frau Petra Hanke Keppler Medien Gruppe

"A perfect diet for bringing the essential back into focus. Super tools for implementation in everyday practice. Good teambuilding; top trainer!"

Monika Meißner Managing Director ECURA Industrial Investments

"Many new stimuli - the techniques are everyday and easy to implement."

Johanna Joschko Manager Ratiopharm-Teva

"Highly interesting inspirations / thought-provoking impulses. The content is communicated by means of highly memorable examples. Highly recommendable."

Stephan Oedekoven Manager

"And unbelievably valuable morning! The picture with the "monkey", and the play with this metaphor, will remain sustainably in memory and be available every day! Many thanks!"

Dominik Erath Manager University of St. Gallen

"Practice-oriented approaches - excellently prepared and presented."

Andreas Frei Manager Meditec-Zeiss

"Very exciting and interesting suggestions, which can be quickly integrated into the everyday practice."

Dirk Ranft Deputy Director Lufthansa Technik AG

"I have learned about a number of interesting aspects. Reflection about the things heard/learned, in comparison to one's own current procedure, is very exciting. Gladly more!"

Torben Hinck Manager

"It was a really enriching experience - very lively, with lots of energy and inspirations."

Angela Weiss Manager UBS

"Hello Dr. Edlund, once more many thanks for the fantastic impulses."

Andreas Hauck LB Landesbank Saar

"Hello Mr. Edlund. Hereby and once more, many thanks for the interesting keynote speech."

Christian Henke IBM Deutschland GmbH

"Relevant for everyday practice and application oriented..."

Dr. Martin Berges Chamber of Agriculture North Rhine-Westphalia